The Quaternary period is the last 2.6 million years (see current stratigraphic chart) in earth history and Quaternary research deals with environmental conditions and prehistory during this period and times leading up to it against the background of global change problems. Understanding the Quaternary has huge advantages in managing processes that will influence the earth’s future.

The Southern African Society for Quaternary Research encourages and advances the study of Southern African research projects, arrange meetings, coordinate publications of research results, attract the interest of and boost opportunities for young scientists in the Quaternary field, assist research funding organizations, inform museums and universities about needs of Quaternary research in Southern Africa, assist authorities in connection with salvage and conservation operations. The society enrolls members, collect subscriptions and administer funds. The management and control of the society is vested in a council of which councilors are elected at a biennial general meeting. The society was formed in the nineteen sixties and has since then arranged successful and stimulating biennial conferences except during 1999 when it assisted in the organization of the INQUA conference in Durban.

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AfQUA 2015: The African Quaternary: environments, ecology and
humans. Conference and workshops 30th January - 7th February 2015

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